More Explosives Mod

TNT is not enough ? Creepers are to weak and boring? well fear not! More Explosives Mod(MEM) Adds 50 new dynamite types, 34 creepers types and 12 bombs & bomb cannon









Explode everything, spawn mob armies and turn your enemies into gold!

Make them fly and cause chaos all around your world!

Meet your favorite youtubers as a creepers!

Your Mod Showcases:



Niamh Gamer

Cybereagle Gaming

Thea & Crainer 





Every update adds many new features , most of them will be your own suggestions! so don’t miss it!


Copyright Stuff:

DOWNLOADING: This mod is only to be downloaded from my sources (or as explained above, from
modpacks) the websites mentioned a few lines below. Any other websites that host a copy of my mod are ignoring my copyright. I ask you to not download from these sources as they are not only immoral, but are likely to have an outdated, invalid or unofficial version since they are not moderated
by me.

Trusted websites that this mod will be uploaded to are PlanetMinecraft, MinecraftForum, CurseForge and RolikDevelopment.




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