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News considering future mob armor mod updates.

I think you can’t wait anymore for mob armor mod to be finally released for 1.12?!. Though it may take a bit longer as now mob armor mod will become truly different than it was before not only the abilities would become realistic but armor would actually morph you into

Warzone x1000 Travian Server

Do you ever played travian in the old days and you want to play again? Rolikdevelopment now has own Ztravian Server , currently it has only 1 server with x1000 speed if there will be enough players will be releasing more soon. There also some changes coming to it as

Jumpy’s Ventures has passed prototype stage!

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and i have some news, for some time i have been developing a Endless Runner game for Android and now it succesfully has passed prototype stage! Your main objective is to dodge obstacles, pickup orbs , get the highest score as possible, more objectives will

First release of Mutated Mobs Mod for Dangerzone

Hey guys i have a announcement Mutated mobs mod is coming for DangerZone! Currently mod will have 6 Mobs, 5 Blocks, 1 Dimension, 1 Food Item and 1 Throwable Item, 2 Material Items, 6 Thophies for killing mobs. Some of the mobs will have unique abillities, unique item drops and more!