Mob Armor Mod will now be downloadable at this page!

From today mob armor mod will be downloadable at this page as forum will not be usable anymore, it will be active though but now you will be able to directly download from this page: Mob Armor Mod It has all the description, information , abilities , downloads and a

Should Too many chickens mod introduce hunger system?

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and basically I was thinking about introducing new mechanics to too many chickens mod, but not sure if this should be added. Features planned: Chickens will become hungry every 24 minutes. Chickens will no longer lay eggs when hungry. To refill hunger you will need

Next big mod is…..?

Hey guys it’s Rolik here and do you ever wounder which mod will be the next big thing? well i have some news for you, the next big mod is Mob Armor Mod! Yes, you heard this right after i finish up the games and update 2 other mods  ,

Moon Defender, Jumpy’s Ventures and more!

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and i decided to share some news with you. These two games will be coming soon to Google play appstore soon! still some improvements needed to do and then , you may try your best to get the highest score as much as possible! After

Jumpy’s Ventures has passed prototype stage!

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and i have some news, for some time i have been developing a Endless Runner game for Android and now it succesfully has passed prototype stage! Your main objective is to dodge obstacles, pickup orbs , get the highest score as possible, more objectives will