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Mob armor mod has been finally released for 1.12!

Finally mob armor mod has been released for 1.12! It’s really different and 100 times better than before. Now actually these armors have actual mob abilities and not only buffs like before. So now you can climb walls like spider, teleport like ender man, shoot fireballs like blaze or ghast

3 New Monsters will be added to Extra Creatures Mod

3 New Monsters will be added to Extra Creatures Mod! I think it’s time to announce that 3 new mobs will be coming in the next update, these 3 mobs will be unique in some special ways! Every creature will have separate types as well , that will make them

Mob Armor Mod will now be downloadable at this page!

From today mob armor mod will be downloadable at this page as forum will not be usable anymore, it will be active though but now you will be able to directly download from this page: Mob Armor Mod It has all the description, information , abilities , downloads and a