RolikDevelopment is not dead yet!

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and sorry for long inactivity on website and in minecraft modding community as well.

Well I actually had some problems with money, debt and exams as well, and I’m trying my best to fix all these problems and return to development as well.

Also you might noticed that I placed ads on this website, sorry about that but it’s now only way to actually earn money so I could pay for the website at least as otherwise RolikDevelopment would just die.

I’m trying my best to find a niche or something else that would help me earn enough money and rise up once again, as currently working as advertisement manager is not enough and I will not ask anyone for any money as I actually should get rid of these problems by myself.

Also Mob armor mod will return in the summer as until then I will still be inactive in this community as I’m working quite a lot trying my best to get enough money for everything and don’t lose my business as well.

Also I’m considering to find a job in software or app development so I could earn even more money and start to develop apps and maybe websites as well.

So stay tuned about all my future work.

Thanks for support that you gave me all that time when I made these awesome mods and  thanks for keeping my website alive while I’m not here when I can I will return I promise that and until my next return don’t forget that you are  the best and I’m actually amazed that I became that big within couple of these years.

P.s I will be absent in modding community but will try to post articles related to development and etc to at least keep the website running so thank you for everything! J

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