Plans and future of RolikDevelopment

Hey everyone it’s Rolik and I would like to tell you about some of my future plans and discuss certain things with you as well first of all I will not stop developing mods but I start developing games more often as well, I will be trying to basically get some goals that I will need to reach within 1 or 2 months like for example 1 android game each month or something else as well.

But most important thing for me is Battle Frontiers a first person shooter game that I wanted to release someday but not only that certain game servers would be launched as well by the same name Battle Frontiers.

It would be amazing if I could actually do that but now I have to work full time and that’s why I had to stop with everything as if I would stop working and don’t pay for taxes at least one month my credit card would be blocked in an instant and then I would need to pay triple price to unblock it.

So currently I earn like 420-500 in dollars in one month, well yeah I known it’s not that big of amount but well if were to earn even more then taxes would become like 2 or 3 times higher so I try my best to work and pay for everything, so because of that I wanted to announce that I decided to launch a patreon but for now it will be private as I will be considering to launch in the summer, and now I still don’t have time as I have work quite a lot and leave my passion of mod and game development.

Also I noticed that you wanted a full revamp on Mob Armor mod as I launched a poll and most votes went to realistic armors and abilities so it would take quite a while for me to do that, so I will try my best to release it in the summer and if everyone would want I would launch a server as well.

So be sure to leave your comments down below and thank you for reading, good bye and have a awesome day! 🙂

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