First android game will be released in August?

First android game will be released in August?

As you may know for many years I have been making Minecraft mods and even released couple games but not finished them though.

But now finally I decided to make and release something, a game that will feature certain mobs from mods that I’ve made and currently I’m selecting a theme for that game, so you can join in and vote for it right now!

Poll on twitter will run for a week and website poll will go one for more than two weeks then development will be fully started and models will be made as well.

It will be great to have something made for android as well, as actually when I was a kid my dream was to make a game and now I will finally reach it though after first game release there will be more and more, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

Main character in game will be actually a creeper, but can you guess the objective though?

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