What could change the Battle Royal game genre?

What could change the Battle Royal game genre?

There are always certain game genres that start to evolve overtime and attract even more players then their predecessors.

For example first known standalone game to use battle royal game mode was H1z1 it was one of popular genres at that time.

But then more and more games started to introduce this game mode, two most popular games were PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royal(PUBG) and Fortnite.

While PUBG doesn’t introduce anything new to it except for air drops and cars.

Fortnite on the other hand introduces many new things like traps, base building, plasma weapons and more.

But There are still things that could be added to battle royal as well, even though then you would need to make another standalone game to add all those things.

  1. Rockets & Spaceships and galaxy sized maps.
  2. Random events like explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes and more.
  3. Hostile creatures like bears, boars , wolves and others.
  4. Catapults , cannons, swords , bows and other medieval stuff.
  5. Spells, Mana and player classes.

You could just simply change the theme for that game like making it more of sandbox game with battle royal instead.

Expand base building so you could make tents, towers and other structures as well.

There are many possibilities that could fully change or simply improve battle royal and it’s for you to decide if you want to do it or not.

Even though it’s yet not known if it would attract players or not but this would definitely be better then creating another PUBG or Fortnite clone.





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