Future Vision for RolikDevelopment

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and i decided to discuss future vision for RolikDevelopment, Will it still be here in 5 years? In what direction it will be going?

Well there are many plans and a big vision for RolikDevelopment as in the future i plan to release many games for android and pc , apps and more Minecraft mods and plugins as well.

There will be many changes made to this website including development of own app and games as well, as i plan to release at least 3 android games this year.

If everything will go as planned then there will be 1 pc game and 5 mods for Minecraft updated to latest version as well, well i still hope that in 5 years this website will still stay relevant and not become a old dusty relique, well i hope that it will start growing more and more as i will try to post at least 4 times a week things like news, new releases, thoughts on certain topics and games as well.

Maybe even will start a searching for beta testers for certain games soon as well, still not quite sure thought.

This website always will be based around things like Minecraft, Danger Zone and my apps and games as well and in 5 years will not change anything or remove any current website topics as well.

Well i hope for one thing that in 5-10 years this website will stay relevant at least will be getting 100 visitors a day even though it’s small number compared to 2014 but it’s something at least.

In 2014 this website managed to get up to 10.000 daily visitors and that was truly huge achievement for me and this website , i never though there would be any visits at all.

So follow the news and stay tuned for more information, thanks for checking this out, bye! 🙂


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