Mutated Monsters Mod

Does your world fell kinda empty, there aren’t any epic mobs to battle ?

Well Mutated Monsters will change that!, mod adds 8 new mobs, 5 blocks, 1 dimension and much more!

Some of the mobs are from Minecraft and others are just combinations of Dangerzone mobs and Minecraft mobs as well.

Current Mobs:


Spider Beast(Creeper & Spider):

Has 36 health.

Deals 8 Attack Damage.

Leaps on attack and when health is below 10 , explodes.

Spawns in Overworld dimension.

Creeper Snarler(Creeper & Snarler):

Has 16 health.

Becomes invisible and explodes on attack.

Spawns in Path Way and Rugged Dimensions.

Creeper Pig(Creeper & Pig):

Has 30 health.

Deals 8 Damage & Explodes on attack.

Drops Creeper Pork-chop(It has something special :P).

Spawns in Overworld dimension.

Spider Pig(Spider & Pig):

Has 25 health.

Can be ridden by Player, will run really fast.

Is tameable with corn & can is breed able as well.

Spawns in Sky Island dimension.

Ender Golem(Enderman & Iron Golem):

Has 140 health.

Will smack their opponents and deal 14 damage per hit.

Has ability to teleport around the world.

Doesn’t take any fall damage.

If makes contact with water or fire will teleport somewhere else.

Spawns in Sky Island dimension.

Ender Wereman(Enderman & Werewolf):

Has 60 health.

Will leap on attack and deal 10 damage per hit.

Has ability to teleport around the world.

Doesn’t take any fall damage.

On death will drop Ender fur ball(Will teleport around player who throws it).

Spawns in Rugged Hill dimension.

Iron Man(Iron Golem & Enderman):

Has 140 health.

Is another combination type of Ender Golem.

Will teleport around the world, knock enemies upwards and deal 18 damage per hit.

Isn’t scared by water or fire.

Spawns in Big Round Dimension.

Wither Golem(Wither & Iron Golem):

Has 400 health.

Will fly around the world, cause poison damage and deal 25 damage per hit.

Is truly most powerful and destructive combination ever.

Also when he hits someone he sometimes will cause them to explode into tiny pieces.

Drops Wither star on death.

Spawns in Hell Dimension.


Current Blocks:



  1. Nether-rack.
  2. Soul sand.
  3. Magma Stone.
  4. Glowstone
  5. Nether Bricks.
  6. Obsidian


Current Items:



  1. Glowstone Dust.
  2. Nether Brick.
  3. Ender fur ball.
  4. Creeper Pig’s Pork chop.
  5. Wither Star.
  6. Powered Wither Star.
  7. Spider Beast Trophy.
  8. Creeper Pig Trophy.
  9. Creeper Snarler Trophy.
  10. Spider Pig Trophy.
  11. Ender Golem Trophy.
  12. Ender Wereman Trophy.
  13. Iron Man Trophy.
  14. Wither Golem Trophy.


New Dimensions:


Hell Dimension:

This dimension is covered with lava and blocks like magma, glowstone and others.

Main purpose for this dimension will be to bring Nether to Dangerzone and this dimension will have many new combinations of mobs as well like Were Pigman Spider and other ones as well and also will contain a shrine where you may unlock the true power of Wither Star(WIP).

It has 4 biomes , everyone of them has different generation types like mountains, deserts, plains and ocean as well.



Mod Showcase:



This mod was previously known as Mutated Mobs mod for Minecraft it got a lot of attention so i decided to port it to Danger Zone.

Main purpose for this mod is to combine certain mobs together so they would become more challenging and harder to fight.

Every mutant has combined stats, abilities and also hidden attributes that currently don’t have any purpose yet.

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