Mob Lucky Block

Hey guys it’s Rolik  here and i decided to try my luck at making own lucky block addon as well!

This is Mob Lucky Block aka Monster Lucky Block.

Tired of old drops and you want something fresh and new?

Well then you will like this lucky block for sure!

Currently it will add 150 drops and 10 of them will be unique and contain loot from Mob Armor Mod and Legendary Weapons mod as well!

Currently block may spawn 8 unique mini boss mobs, wither army, two structures and much more!

Also to craft this lucky block you will need to surround a ordinary lucky block with bones!


P.s to use this mod you will need to download the original lucky block mod and add this mod to addons folder!

Also be sure to install latest version of Mob armor mod and Legendary Weapons mod as well before you download this!

You can download latest version by clicking this link!

Be sure to suggest your own drops or mods that this should support down in description below!



How to Install:

Requires Forge 1.12 (Recommended Build) and Lucky Block Latest Version! (MC1.12.2)!

Simply run your Minecraft Profile once with Lucky Block installed, then drag and drop the Mob Lucky Block  zip file into your newly created addons folder and extract .zip as well.


Thanks for original lucky block creator for allowing creation of addons of lucky block mod!