Will Mob armor mod be updated to 1.12?

Hey everyone it’s Rolik(Soulas) well i have been getting a lot of requests and questions about mob armor mod and will it be updated to 1.12?

So here are some questions that i got and i will anwser them right here.


Q: Will you update mob armor mod to 1.10, 1.11, 1.12?

A: No i will not update it as i will be fully remaking this mod from scratch and will make it more realistic.


Q: What was the main idea behind this mod?

A: I wanted to make a mod that would give you abillities and back then when i made it i couldn’t do much so a made a simple mod where armor would give you buffs.


Q: Can you add [Armor] to the mod?

A: Yeah sure i will add that [Armor] if it’s not so overpowered or it actually makes sense.


Q: Where did you make this mod?

A: Well i used Java/Eclipse to make this mod, it’s not that easy to learn.


Q: Will you add bosses and mobs in newer updates?

A: Well i don’t think so, as when i will start remaking this mod, abilities will be actually realistic, and you will not get any buffs, but you would be getting real power of specific mob.


Well these are most asked questions i get, and also most requests were to update mob armor mod to latest version , but i will not do that, i will be fully remaking mod from scratch and will add realistic abillities like Teleportation, Iron Golem smack and more!

So stay tuned for more info soon!

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