Which mod is trending in 2018?

Every year there is a mod that blows up so much that there are over 10.000 of downloads in start of 2018 one of my new mods have started trending , this mod is named More Explosives Mod.

Previous years had other mods like mob armor mod, clay living dolls or even much more spiders mod , being most downloadable and view-ableĀ  mods.

2014 had Mob Armor Mod & Clay Living Dolls at the top, while 2015 and 2016 had only Mob Armor mod as the most popular mod, currently it’s going down as there wasn’t any updates in couple years but this might change soon as there will be first update for Mob Armor mod before summer, that will fully remake the gameplay, main mechanics and introduce stuff like realistic mob armor abilities, more armors and will no longer have bosses and dimensions, as will be going other route with this mod.

Be aware that most popular mods that were or are now popular will get more updates then others as only because of mods like mob armor mod this website is alive in the first place, otherwise most likely it would be empty , boring website with no content at all.

Also Mob Armor mod, Clay Living Dolls and Much More Spiders Reborn will be released for 1.12 this year and for 1.13 only Mob Armor mod will have a update!

There will not be many content added to other mods as this year will be concentrated on main mechanics for mods, android games and starting development of BattleFrontiers Fps game.

So stay tuned for more information , and have a nice day!

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