Update Nether should become a real thing?

The Nether dimension that has lava, quartz , blazes , ghasts, nether forts and basically that’s it.

As this year we will finally have aquatic update, I think we should now have a nether update.

Why Nether? Well because except for couple mobs, Nether fortress and a lot of lava Nether is basically empty.

Well first off all let’s start by mentioning that nether would need something greater and more rewarding than Nether fortress.

More mobs and maybe a boss should be introduced as well, this would make adventure in the nether more challenging.

Hostile Mobs:

blaze knight

Mob D (Blaze Knight):

Ordinary blazes aren’t a challenge anymore when you have fire resistance so Blaze Knight would potentially become a threat even when you have fire resistance.

He would have 60 health points, same abilities as blaze but he would also have infernal burst attack that would damage even anyone who would be immune to fire.

While casting this ability he would fly up in to the sky and spawn fiery like fireballs from his body that would hit anyone who is at the bottom of the ground.

Those fireballs would do 5 damage to normal mobs and 2.5 to mobs that would have fire resistance and would pierce though any armor.

He would drop something that would allow you to make potions stronger than level 2 and would extend their duration by double or triple amount.

nether creeper

Nether Creepers:

I think our green exploding beasts could definitely have a counterpart in the nether like slimes as well.

They would have same stats like over world ones but would explodes into fiery flames, that would set nearby ground on fire, thought it would not be only its ability.

They would actually take on certain nether ore or block textures like chameleons and would fully disguise themselves within the Nether.

They would drop flame powder that would basically allow you to craft Fiery TNT, this TNT would have same explosion as the Nether Creeper so it would be really useful in some way!

nether shroom

Well this is only my suggestion but it would be cool to have mobs that would sometimes appear from Nether warts and attack you, Nether shrooms would be definitely cool and unique idea.

Though they would only have 5% chance to appear but if you would fight him, he would definitely try to pick you up and then throw you right in to the lava.

They would have 5 health points and on death just sink in to the ground and nether warts would appear in their place.

Other Mobs:

nether golems

Nether Golems:

Even though he would have far different model than in this image, but he would be a pretty awesome defender.

He would have 100-150 health points and would mostly act the same as iron golem and snow golem combined.

Main ability would be setting enemies on fire and second ability would be similar to Blaze Knight but he would stay on the ground instead.

Third ability would be flame shield that would deflect incoming attacks from behind or any other place where he will not see them.

Also you could smelt things by right clicking on him though it would take away 1 health each time and he would not regenerate like normal mobs would.

Though he could not defeat The Wither or The Ender Dragon but he would be nice defense to keep your house save from any intruders.


Wither Bone – Would be nice addition to the game, this item could be dropped by Wither skeletons and allow you to craft wither skulls and wither blocks as well.

Flame Powder – Would allow you to craft a new type of TNT that would have same ability as Nether Creeper.

Quartz Armor & Tools – Well I think you might guessed that I would mention something like that as without Redstone quartz is basically useless, but now you could make armor that would have same durability as iron but make you fire resistant instead.

Reinforced lava bottles – New type of bottles that would allow you to carry lava in the bottles and use them in brewing stands to make even greater potions than before.


Pyrofication – New type of potion that would make your punches set anyone on fire, though it would not work on mobs like zombie pig man or any other that is fire resistant.

Wither Resistance – I think I don’t even need to explain, what this potion will do.

Poison Resistance – I think I don’t even need to explain, what this potion will do.

Iron Body – Your defense would be increased by 5 times instead of 1x like Resistance does and you would become knockback resistant as well.

Ender Aura – Every time you would touch water while having this potion, you would teleport somewhere randomly.

Creeper Magnet – This potion would attract Nether & Normal Creepers to you from far greater range you could basically call this a curse as creepers would not stop coming until the potion would run out.


Wither Block – Would work same like magma block but instead of burning you would just simply wither you.

Colored Nether Bricks – Well Red and Normal is boring, so we should be able to color bricks in to multiple colors like wool as well.

Well I think this would be enough for now, even though I could write down more than 100 new mobs , items , blocks or even potion effects as I have quite a lot of ideas that would definitely fit vanilla Minecraft.

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