Turtles & The Great Hunger will join Extra Creatures Mod soon!

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and i decided to tell you the great news that turtles and the great hunger will be introduced in the new update soon!

Even though turtles will not be a normal tiny creature it will have a really strange personality as it will become huge and powerfull during the night it will be known as Nightmare Turtle!

During the day it will be peacfull and will just live a ordinary life of a turtle doing it things, maybe laying eggs? well will not give anything away :p

But during the night it will transform into giant beast that will eat players for dinner and villagers  as well, beast that will have 100hp while ordinary turtle will have 10!

Also there will be this guy aka The Great Hunger mob that lost to Monster Of The Night Skies in poll to be added to Minecraft 1.14 so i decided to add him in, so it would be his new home.

He will eat animals, crops, doors, and players, also he might have some magic abillities as well? well i think i arleady told you too much, so no more information for any of these mobs, until release ,that will be next week!



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