True backstory of Shadow Dimension in Mob Armor Mod

I think most people have been thinking why this dimension is so dark and was dimension always looking like this?

Well actually no before all these events that actually changed this dimension it actually had another name and had living being on it but when that event happened everything was changed.

Once upon the time there was dimension named Imperium and it had more than 100 unique creatures that later on went extinct, well also this world was filled with another kind of villagers that were named gnats and they were actually smarter than the original villagers and not only that they also had many new trades and actually had more than 20 professions.

Well also dimension was filled with ostriches, winged pigs and other mythical creatures.

Though one day he came to this world… The Shadow Mongler  this beast was one of beasts that came from dark dimension he started causing chaos and hurling withering fire balls all around this dimension.

Many warriors tried to stop this creature but they actually failed as only one item could stop him.

A Hell Fire Sword  a sword that was purely made from lava and magma, though at that time this sword didn’t exist yet as this sword only were made 100 years after these events happened.

A brave warrior came from the over world he was wielding this incredible sword that he found in the deep and dangerous nether this sword was just simply left by unknown creature or another player.

This sword was strong enough to slice The Wither in two pieces and cut off Ender Dragons head.

Though it was too late to save this dimension and after player defeated The Shadow Mongler with only 3 piercing strikes he decided to name this dimension The Shadow Dimension because it was filled with dark and eerie presence and was almost on brink off destruction because of that beast.

This beast may return someday stronger than he was before but at least for next 100 years this dimension will be safe, thanks to the brave warrior though this sword was lost in that battle, but another player might be lucky and find it while traveling that eerie and horrible dimension!

Be careful though as spirits will wander this world and search for their next target and shadow demons will be wandering as well searching for someone to devour as more than 50 years have passed since these events and still no one managed to find this sword, most likely sword already have been found or have been destroyed?!

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