Should Too many chickens mod introduce hunger system?

Hey everyone it’s Rolik here and basically I was thinking about introducing new mechanics to too many chickens mod, but not sure if this should be added.

Features planned:

  • Chickens will become hungry every 24 minutes.
  • Chickens will no longer lay eggs when hungry.
  • To refill hunger you will need yo feed 3-5 seeds depending on rarity.
  • If chicken is not feed within 48 minutes then it will die.
  • Baby chickens will need to be feeded twice more than adults.
  • There will be new machine that will auto feed chickens every 6 minutes.

So be sure to leave your opinion on this mechanic or even suggest some changes as I’m always looking forward for any new suggestions.

This mechanic will introduce a new big thing to Minecraft that will make sure that you will always require to feed them , this will disable afk farming as well but only if you don’t have a Auto feeders fully filled with seeds.

If introduced this mechanic will change the game play for sure and also will introduce many new things like genders, baby attributes, weight for chickens and even more!

This mechanic would definitely make game play more harder , also it will make chicken feeding and breeding harder as well, as the more hungry chickens would be the worse attributes they would give to their babies and less attributes means less speed, health, egg laying speed and more.

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