Nether update for Extra Creatures Mod?

I decided to share some thoughts and features that would be added to certain biomes and dimensions as well.


Nether always felt so empty because there are barely any mobs , but this would definitely change that in major ways.

Hostile Mobs:

Blocky Monster:

This little fella would inhabit certain blocks and would randomly spawn when you break certain blocks like magma, nether rack, quartz ore or even obsidian.

There would be certain chance that it would spawn when you would kill zombie pigman, every variation would have stats equal to materials they are made off .

They would not be so friendly like ordinary Zombie Pigman as they would just charge at you and push you right into lava.


(No image yet)

This beast would roam around the nether and charge at player at full speed, he would be like combination of a bull and blaze as he would have speed off a bull and abilities of the blaze, well except the flying part, he would drop Fiery Skin from it you would be able to make armor that would be equal to Diamond and it would make you fire resistant.


(No image yet)

This creature would be like a ghost or chameleon he will be invisible only while he has a target ,he becomes visible when he hits target successfully and then disappear again, he would leave flaming particles though that would definitely give him away and tell that it’s him, he would be weak and drop Flaming Tears that would be really useful and would help you survive in the nether, you would basically be able to make Totem that would make you fire resistant for 60 seconds on use.

Hell Guard:

(No image yet)

A pigman like creature that has sword and shield also is basically a knight of nether, he will fend of players from certain parts of the nether, be careful as he would have enough power to even slay Iron Golems!

The Magmus Demon:

(No image yet)

A first boss in the Extra Creatures Mod this would be a devil like creature that would use trident as a main weapon and would be a true challenge, the legend says that he would eat Wither for dinner as he would be summoning Hell Guards to fight you, so it would become really difficult to fight him and hell guards at the same time, he is as tall as the ghast and sometimes even hurl fireballs at you just to scare you off his land.


So what are your thoughts on the creatures? Should there be more or should these ones have a better backstory?

If nether will win the poll these ones will be added together with Water & Beach creatures.





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