Why mod reposting is a bad thing?

Mod reposting has been problem for years and still nowadays it’s a huge problem.

Why mod reposting a problem?

Outdated Versions;

There have been many cases when users find bugs and report it to the mod author but there is a problem because that bug has been fixed long time ago.

Also there are many cases when features are missing or website doesn’t provide any information on mod features or crafting recipes.

Wrong Minecraft Versions:

These websites lie about things like mod compatibility or current version and 100% of the time they click bate with wrong versions in the title as well.

Possible Malware:

Mods from those sites might have malware injected in to them and shouldn’t be trusted.

Making money off other people’s work:

Those sites are placing AdFly or AdFocus links or even other Ad websites and are directly earning money from other people’s work.

Stealing Money:

Well there are even cases when those websites tend to steal revenue from original author , as we mod developers don’t earn any money and sometimes when we do it’s only tiny amounts of money and it’s definitely a big motivation for us when we get at least something from our creations.

Stealing views and downloads:

One of most encouraging things for mod developers is to see that your work is getting a lot of views and downloads as well and the more users are downloading the more encouraged we feel to continue.

But when many  users are checking the mod out on those websites and download It as well, author loses many downloads as well as views as every view and download is definitely something that makes us proud of our work.

False Ownership:

There has been cases before at least with my mods that sometimes people tend to lie that they are developers for these mods or for example assistants and their community believes that and starts calling me a liar.

And that is definitely not something happy to hear  when some random guy calls original author a fake and most of the times curses on him quite a lot and starts telling him that he will report him.


So as a developer I encourage you to join me in this battle and stop those mod reposters from stealing downloads, revenue and click baiting your own creations.

Be sure to share this post and add in #StopModReposts as well as be sure to report all those fake links if they don’t have permission from the original author.

Within these 3 years I took down over 100 websites that click baited and faked ownership of my mods and I will not stop right here not now not later and you can help me out as well.

Let’s make #StopModReposts trending on Twitter or Facebook and show those thieves what we can do!

You can get involved in this campaign by visiting this website http://stopmodreposts.org/get-involved/ .

P.s I encourage you to do that let’s show those thieves what our community can do! 🙂

Mod reposting would be good only if every website would give credit to authors and would not make any money or just simply leave original links in their websites.


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