Living Block Monsters V1.0.1 For Minecraft has been released!

New update for Living Block Monsters has been released, block monsters has been trasformed into pure bosses and now some of them will have special and finishing moves!

New Features:

  • Added Spike Attack to Cactus Block Monster(He will fire evoker fangs to his opponents).

  • On Death Cactus Block Monster will explode into 6 spikes and deal up to 40 damage.

  • Added Fireburst Attack for Magma Monster Block(He will launch fireballs all around him, burning everything)

  • Added Shulker Transformation to Shulker Monster Block(When his health reaches below 50% he will transform into giant shulker and will begin shooting bullets)

  • Added Fireball Attack to Obsidian Block Monster(He will hurl 3 large fireballs towards his target)

  • Added Tnt Throw to Tnt Block Monster(He will throw 1 tnt at his enemy in range).

  • On death Tnt Block Monster will explode into 6-8 pieces of tnt, with longer fuse that can deal up to 50 damage directly.


  • All Blockmonsters now will have boss bars.
  • Boosted stats for all block monsters.



You can download mod here:

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