Is Minecraft Dying?

I never though that i would even talk about this topic, but i noticed that there is quite a lot of messages that Minecraft is dying, but i have different opinion on this.

As i started playing it before hunger was introduced there was quite a lot of players on pc only because it was the only one platform where Minecraft was released.

Currently Minecraft has been released for many platforms like play station, Xbox, Android , IOS and others, so that means people now can choose where they can play and community has been divided into 3 groups because of that, PC Players, Phone Players and Xbox/PlayStation Players and also there is another factor why there are less and less players on pc.

Game has been evolving for years and some players actually are getting bored of them game or begin hating certain features and updates and because of that they leave the game for good or change platforms, but even if there would be less players then now Minecraft would not die at least for more 5-10 or even 20 years if there will not be introduced things like loot crates or micro-transactions for pc.

But until this will happen, Minecraft still will improve and evolve by having amazing updates that will change the world/gameplay and other things as well.

Even though now there are less mods then there were in 2014 but it’s not because of death of Minecraft there is another reason as 1.7.10 was quite a popular version and modding was actually easier then now.

But after 1.8 was released you actually had to code .json item models as well and many other coding changes was made that actually made it really hard to update and every other update makes it even harder as many other changes were added or removed that may or may not change the game for sure.

Overtime many people might still loose interest in Minecraft but only because they grow up or don’t have enough time too play, so at least not in 5 or 10 or 20 years Minecraft will still not die until there are last 100 players left or game breaking features would be introduced.

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