Aquatic Update first prelease has been released!

Aquatic Update first prelease has been released!

As you may know that The Aquatic Update have been planned to be released on spring of 2018 though it has been delayed because of bug fixes and finally we have first of two or three pre-releases before the official release!

This update will be one of the largest updates ever not only because it has 5 new mobs but it brings quite a lot of new features like ocean biomes, full terrain generation revamp, new items and blocks, new water mechanics, shipwrecks, tridents and much more!

Here is a list of all features that Update Aquatic will bring us on the release:

New Mobs:

minecraft dolphin


  • Once you feed them raw fish, they will lead players to all sorts of shipwrecks or underwater ruins.
  • Swimming near Dolphins will give you Dolphin’s Grace Buff for 5 seconds
  • They are neutral by default and if you attack them they will gang on you and fight back as well.
  • Dolphins will be lured by dropped items and will knock and chase them around.

minecraft drowned mob

Drowned (Ocean Zombie):

  • Zombie-like mobs that will spawn in underwater areas.
  • Regular Zombies will transform in to Drowned if they will stay underwater for long enough.
  • Has both Adult and Child variations.
  • Sometimes will spawn with Trident in main hand.

minecraft fish


  • Includes cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish.
  • Tropical fish have 3072 different colors, patterns and shapes.
  • Pufferfish will puff up and poison players.
  • All fish mobs can be picked up by water buckets and then placed again.
  • When killed they will drop their item form, except for Tropical fish as they currently will drop Clownfish.

minecraft turtle


  • Will lay eggs on sand areas and new born babies will crawl back to the water.
  • When fully grown babies will return back to their first home.
  • Their eggs can be picked up with silk touch only.
  • Hostile mobs will try to break their eggs by jumping on them.
  • They will spawn in warm beaches.

minecraft mob b


  • Are attracted to insomnia (Players who didn’t sleep for many Minecraft Days).
  • Will attack in groups from 2 to 4.
  • Will drop phantom membrane , item that will be used to repair Elytra wings.

New Items:


  • Can be thrown and used as a melee weapon as well.
  • Loyalty enchantment allows trident to return to the player who will throw it.
  • Impaler enchantment will drastically increase its damage.
  • Riptide enchantment allows player to lunge forward while using it.
  • Channeling enchantment allows you to summon lightning.
  • Will be dropped by Drowned mobs aka Ocean Zombies.

Dried Kelp:

  • Can be eaten faster than any other food.
  • Restores 1 hunger point every time you eat it.

Heart Of Sea:

  • Is mainly used to craft conduits.

Nautilus Shell:

  • Obtained by killing drowneds
  • Used to craft conduits.

New Blocks:


  • Comes in plant, block and slab forms.
  • Have multiple color variations.
  • Found only in the Coral Reef Biome.


  • Grows in large stacks and can be used to obtain dried kelp.

Sea Grass:

  • Will grow on gravel and sand.
  • Is two blocks tall.

Turtle Egg:

  • This block will hatch turtles.
  • Can be stacked up to four on one block.

Carved & Normal Pumpkins:

  • Pumpkin block now spawns without a face like it has been before.
  • Now you can carve pumpkin by using shears on them.

Prismarine slabs and stairs and bark blocks, stripped logs for every wood type:

  • Bunch more building and decoration blocks.


New Structures:

Ship wrecks:

minecraft ship wrecks

  • Generate underwater.
  • Made of wood and other materials.
  • Will contain hidden loot chest with bad or good rewards.

Ice Bergs:

minecraft iceberg

  •  Generate in icy ocean biomes.
  • Made from packed ice and snow.

Coral Reef:

minecraft coral reef

  • Generate in warm ocean biomes.
  • They consist of multiple clusters of coral blocks.

New Terrain generation:

Terrain has been fully revamped and now it includes 10 new biomes for oceans as well as water generation and even more bigger changes as well.

New Biomes:

  • Warm Ocean.
  • Lukewarm Ocean.
  • Lukewarm Deep Ocean.
  • Cold Ocean.
  • Cold Deep Ocean.
  • Frozen Deep Ocean.

Data Packs:

  • Similar to Resource Packs, but for loot tables, advancements, Functions and structures.
  • Will allow to load in custom structures from /generated/structures folder.
  • Can be reloaded by /reload command.

New Commands:

A command that allows the player to get, merge, and remove an entity and block nbt data
/data get block <pos> [<path>] [<scale>]
Will return the NBT data from the block at pos as its result (if a path is specified). A path can be specified to only retrieve that nbt data, but this is limited to numeric tags. An optional scale can be provided to scale the number retrieved.
/data get entity <target> [<path>] [<scale>]
Will return the NBT data from one target entity as its result (if a path is specified). A path can be specified to only retrieve that nbt data, but this is limited to numeric tags. An optional scale can be provided to scale the number retrieved.
/data merge block <pos> <nbt>
Will merge the block nbt data at pos with the specified nbt data.
/data merge entity <target> <nbt>
Will merge the entity nbt data from a target with the specified nbt data. Merging player nbt data is not allowed.
/data remove block <pos> <path>
Will remove nbt data at path from the block at pos.
/data remove entity <target> <path>
Will remove nbt data at path from one target entity. Removing player nbt data is not allowed.
Data paths look like this:[0].”A [crazy name]”.baz
A command that controls loaded data packs
Has these subcommands
enable <name> – will enable a specific pack
disable <name> – will disable the specific pack
list [available|enabled] – will list all data packs or only the available/enabled ones.
Data packs are enabled by default, but if disabled they are re-enabled via these commands:
enable <name> – enables the specific pack, putting it in its default position
enable <name> first – enables the specific pack, putting it on the lowest priority
enable <name> last – enables the specific pack, putting it on the highest priority
enable <name> before <existing> – enables the specific pack, putting it on a lower priority than the existing pack.
enable <name> after <existing> – enables the specific pack, putting it on higher priority after the existing pack.


  • Magma blocks will now spawn in underwater ravines and will create bubbles.
  • Items will rise to surface in water now.
  • Water color changes based on biome type.
  • Water will pass though slabs, fences and other non-solid blocks.
  • Item frames can now be placed on floor and ceiling.
  • Added Trap doors, pressure plates and buttons for every wood type.
  • New swimming animation has been introduced.
  • Zombies and other mobs like Skeleton or Husk, Skeleton Horse will now sink to bottom of the oceans or rivers.
  • Changed color for some of item names in game.
  • Player can now swim in one-block-high places.
  • Magma blocks will make mobs and items sink underwater and Soul Sand will do the opposite.
  • Updated LWJGL From 2.9.4 to 3.12.
  • New Update Aquatic title screen has been introduced.
  • Three new music pieces by C418 have been added.
  • Some item, block textures have been fully changed or improved.

And these are not all features, changes that have been made there still many bug fixes that have been made, small changes, command changes and even more!

Be sure to check out official website with all information down below.

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