5 Steps to become a mod developer in Minecraft?

So you do you ever wanted to make your own mod for Minecraft, that will make pigs fly, cows explode or even add godzilla sized spiders?

Well don’t worry i will help you out!, i will share 5 steps that will help you start with mod developing.

1.Main idea or inspiration.

First step is to find a idea that you wan’t to add or get inspiration from any other mod, visit any minecraft mod sharing website or just simply play around with any other mods and build your self a main idea for features that should be in your mod.

2.Start learning java and don’t even bother using mod makers/creators.

Begin learning java or just click here: i found some tutorials in YouTube that will help you start learning  , but if they will not fit you then just google Minecraft modding tutorials, and within 2-3 hours you will learn basics, and with basics you will be able to make mods like Mob Armor Mod(i’m not kidding about that, it’s really easy! :p).

3.Learn, Improve and Create!

As soon as you make and release your first mod first thing to do is to play test, and improve all the basics, adding abilities to armor or even making Bo’Sword, i think i will not need to teach you about that as source code is your friend, as while developing mods in eclipse you can view Minecraft source code and just combine or make even better items.

4.First big success or fail?

There is always time when you actually reach a point where you succeed or fail? only because you begin thinking that it’s to hard or you just can’t do it, but actually never give up and improve ,  i will tell you a secret it took me to make mods like More Explosives mod or Extra Creatures mod more then 12 hours of work, begin thinking about unique that will not be plain Pickaxe with fire aspect or Bow with infinity , think out of the box. Make things like Fire-breathing Spiders, TNT Dimensions , Multiplying Creepers or even Mutating Mushrooms, use your fantasy! :).

5.Release, Update and Share.

There is time when mod is ready to be released, but before that optimize and fix bugs and make the best description possible , you can use puns or other things that will make your mod look different from others, don’t forget after release update the mod by adding more features, fixing bugs or even introducing game changing mechanics that will make your mod epic, don’t forget to listen to community as Minecraft community always has the best ideas, then after you  release the mod and update at least once don’t forget to share it on websites like PlanetMinecraft , Minecraft Forum or Curse Forge , also don’t forget that your mod will begin getting views and downloads slowly and if you are lucky enough some big youtuber will showcase your mod and it will boost downloads and views depending on their sub count, remember to make mods for your self and for everyone else so everyone could have fun!


Don’t forget to follow these 5 steps and you will succeed for sure and maybe even surpass me someday, even though it could take years but some day you might just become better then me or any other Minecraft modder 🙂

P.s don’t even bother trying to use mod creators like Mcreator and others even though it’s a easy way to make mods without coding but it would count as software generated content and they don’t have infinite possibilities like Java Coding does, so remember that 🙂

With Java you could code anything you ever want, if you have enough knowledge to do it , otherwise just learn , learn and learn until you will be able to create that feature , item or mechanic 🙂



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