3 New Monsters will be added to Extra Creatures Mod

3 New Monsters will be added to Extra Creatures Mod!

I think it’s time to announce that 3 new mobs will be coming in the next update, these 3 mobs will be unique in some special ways!

Every creature will have separate types as well , that will make them really different for sure.


This tiny creature might look cute and defenseless but is he really?

Gizmo will have 10 health , he will have two different types one will be tiny pink and other one might just scare you away.

This creature will be living in beaches even though he might look cute but he really isn’t!

Pingu The Penguin:

This little fella is new addition to cold biomes, he will have 3 different types, these types will be unique in own way, even though only 2 of them can fight back.

Types will be known as :

White Belly Penguin(10 health, will be passive and will not fight back).

Arctic Penguin(30 health, will throw snowballs as defense mechanism when is attacked).

King Penguin(60 health, will be hard to fight, as will leap and charge at you and will try to peck you).

Living Cloud:

This creature will be new mob, that will depend on weather and ocean, as he will have 3 types and will be unkillable with normal damage, only magic will kill him.

Types will be known as:

Thunder Cloud(He will spawn lightning around him to damage anyone he will be attacking).

Rainy Cloud(While this cloud is active there will be always raining and water will heal him):

Freeze Cloud(Will cause slowness and mining fatigue to nearby living creatures).

These clouds will have only 10 health, but they will give some challenge while fighting them!


Update with them will be released on March 10th.

So be aware of these creatures, as after update is out there will be none for at least 3 months!




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