News considering future mob armor mod updates.

I think you can’t wait anymore for mob armor mod to be finally released for 1.12?!.

Though it may take a bit longer as now mob armor mod will become truly different than it was before not only the abilities would become realistic but armor would actually morph you into real mobs as well and there actually might more than 10 armors would be added on first update.

That means most likely update will be finished and released on June, considering all tests , improvements, bug fixes and other  stuff as well that I will need to do before the release.

Also if 1.13 will be released in this summer then as soon as forge 1.13 will be finished, mob armor mod will be updated to 1.13 as well.

P.s if mob armor mod will still stay relevant and actually succeed not like certain mods.

I made within the years then I will actually start developing mobile version as well, so be sure to show some support for that as well.

Official mob armor mod port for latest mobile versions even though it will only contain armors and most likely weapons as well.

So  be sure to don’t miss any new information about that and stay tuned for more!

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