Minecraft PE Will there be any mods released?

Will there be any official mods released to Minecraft PE like Mob Armor Mod or More Explosives Mod?

Well currently there is no plan to release or port something to MCPE but maybe someday will learn and port every pc mod to MCPE as currently MCPE becomes much and much bigger then MCPC , but still i will need to consider that, if people will want certain mods released/ported to MCPE then i will definitely take a look how to port them from MCPC to MCPE.

It all depends on difficulty of coding if it’s easy to learn then will definitely port all mods to MCPE otherwise if it would be really hard then will simply just wait until i will have more knowledge to do this.

But now be sure to comment down below which mod you wan’t to see ported/released to MCPE.



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