Which of these prototypes should become real games?

Being a game developer before doing any major projects i made many prototypes and some of them were even finished to become real games, even have a backstory to them and core features as well.

Box Dodger:

Game for android with the main objective to get the highest score as possible, dodge boxes falling from the sky, collect power ups and even there are some hidden easter eggs as well.

There are no plans to add more features as not quite sure which feature should be added to the game.

Planned to be released to Android, IOS and PC.

Battle For The Sand:

Main objective is destroy enemies castle before he will destroy you, this prototype already has 3 game modes.

  • Classic Mode(1 vs 1 battle first to destroy another castle wins).
  • Endless Mode(Destroy as much enemies as possible before they will kill you).
  • Sandbox Mode(Build, Customize and play around with every building block, item in theĀ  game and even wander around the sand world).

Main goal was to simulate sand castle wars but with a twist it includes catapults, turretsĀ  and even cannons that can be purchased in the shop, it also contains leveling system that allows you to unlock certain things or even upgrades for your castle, there is also multiplayer as well, but currently there aren’t any 24/7 servers working to play.

Planned to be released to PC, XBOX One , Android.

The Weeping Forest:

You are a ordinary teenager that has woken up in unknown forest it’s not quite sure where you are but you need to find out where is this place and find the exit before it gets you…

Bird human hybrid beast is chasing you around and trying to kill you, this creature is known as Weeper it screams so loud that echo goes though all forest, this beast was known as a legendary beast that 1000 years ago were killing millions of people and destroying villages in their way, but one of shamans managed to banish it to world known as weeping forest it’s unknown how did you managed to get to this place is it even real or it’s a dream?

Planned to be released to PC only.

Life Within The Stars:

You are the first human that started living in the moon , you have to plant crops, build base and complete certain tasks to make moon colonized but beware as certain dangers might lurk somewhere within the moon , start planting trees to get some oxygen and be careful because sometimes meteor might just hit the moon and break everything, try your best to survive this journey as if you manage to survive for 120 days and get moon ready for human life then there might start living other astronauts as well that will be building their own colony as well , but it’s not quite sure if they will help you or they will kill you as they would be same humans.

Planned to be released to PC, XBOX One.

Vote here and decide which one should become a real game!

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