and game server networks will be combined into one mighty network

Hey, guys so as you previously heard i purchased game server network to increase earnings and invest into bigger projects.

From now these two networks will be known as BattleFr0nt1ers this is not a bad thing but a great thing as now i will be able to improve and grow even more.

Weekly updates , new servers, new games and servers as well.

Also had a goal to develop a game , this will be continued but not by them, but by me. from all money that i will earn from current and future games, apps in ad revenue or in app purchases i will invest 70% of these earnings into development of that game and by 2020 game will be finished and will be able to reach their current goal as well as dedicated servers will be released for this game as well. server network goal was to offer the most amazing game servers possible and from all earnings in purchases of admin or vip it would go towards releasing their own next gen fps game.

Stay tuned for more info soon!


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