Mutated Mobs Mod & Utility Golems mod has a new update!

Mutated Mobs mod & Utility Golems mod both have been updated to latest 1.6 Version for Danger zone.

Be sure to check them both out, and play around with new interest features that will make your Survival world even more hardcore!

You can download both these mods here:

Mutated Monsters is a mod that adds many monster combinations that will make your game harder for sure!

There are many combinations like Creeper Snarler, Ender Golem, Iron Man and even this mod adds new dimension to the game!

Hell Dimension:

This mod will make your game more harder for sure!

Utility Golems is a mod that adds many golems that will protect you against various hostile creatures.

There are many golems that represent specific materials and even advanced versions for them as well.

Every golem can be crafted by using certain recipes and you can spawn them near your house to protect it from any evil creatures, even though most of them are no match for orespawn beasts , though you can combine all golems into one and make the strongest golem from all!

Combined Golem:

This golem is a combination of every golems in game and this golem has over 600 health and has every ability and material property as well!





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