Dangerzone Mods

Dangerzone is a infinite generation sandbox, where you can build houses, travel though dimensions , craft items, weapons and kill hardcore bosses, for every mob you kill you will be rewarded by trophies!

This game was made by TheyCallMeDanger a retired Minecraft Orespawn mod developer.

Mutated Mobs Mod

Mutated mobs mod adds unique creatures to the mod, combination of certain mobs together, they may give you a challenge as well!

Ride the Spider Pig, Fight Creeper Spiders, Ender Golems and more!

Utillity Golems Mod

Utillity Golems mod adds a utillity mobs that will protect players from all hostile creatures all around him, some of them have unique abilities as well!

Summon Living crafting tables, battle against legendary beasts and even more!