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Living Block Monsters V1.0.1 For Minecraft has been released!

New update for Living Block Monsters has been released, block monsters has been trasformed into pure bosses and now some of them will have special and finishing moves! New Features: Added Spike Attack to Cactus Block Monster(He will fire evoker fangs to his opponents). On Death Cactus Block Monster will

First release of Mutated Mobs Mod for Dangerzone

Hey guys i have a announcement Mutated mobs mod is coming for DangerZone! Currently mod will have 6 Mobs, 5 Blocks, 1 Dimension, 1 Food Item and 1 Throwable Item, 2 Material Items, 6 Thophies for killing mobs. Some of the mobs will have unique abillities, unique item drops and more!