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First android game will be released in August?

First android game will be released in August? As you may know for many years I have been making Minecraft mods and even released couple games but not finished them though. But now finally I decided to make and release something, a game that will feature certain mobs from mods

Mutated Mobs Mod & Utility Golems mod has a new update!

Mutated Mobs mod & Utility Golems mod both have been updated to latest 1.6 Version for Danger zone. Be sure to check them both out, and play around with new interest features that will make your Survival world even more hardcore! You can download both these mods here: Mutated Monsters

Utility Golems V1.0.1 For Dangerzone has been released!

New update for Utility Golems has been released and 1 new golem and 12 advanced versions of them golems has been added! New Features: Added Combined Golem. Added Advanced Sand Golem. Added Advanced Stone Golem. Added Advanced Copper Golem. Added Advanced Tin Golem. Added Advanced Silver Golem. Added Advanced Sunstone

First release of Mutated Mobs Mod for Dangerzone

Hey guys i have a announcement Mutated mobs mod is coming for DangerZone! Currently mod will have 6 Mobs, 5 Blocks, 1 Dimension, 1 Food Item and 1 Throwable Item, 2 Material Items, 6 Thophies for killing mobs. Some of the mobs will have unique abillities, unique item drops and more!