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Can You Do IT? A parkour map for Minecraft 1.12.2

Hey Guy’s It’s Soulas here and i decided to do something else and make my own Parkour map. It’s actually hard and will make you rage quit a lot πŸ™‚ you will see why πŸ˜› Let’s see if you can actually do it and prove that you are true parkour

Living Block Monsters V1.0.1 For Minecraft has been released!

New update for Living Block Monsters has been released, block monsters has been trasformed into pure bosses and now some of them will have special and finishing moves! New Features: Added Spike Attack to Cactus Block Monster(He will fire evoker fangs to his opponents). On Death Cactus Block Monster will

Utility Golems V1.0.1 For Dangerzone has been released!

New update for Utility Golems has been released and 1 new golem and 12 advanced versions of them golems has been added! New Features: Added Combined Golem. Added Advanced Sand Golem. Added Advanced Stone Golem. Added Advanced Copper Golem. Added Advanced Tin Golem. Added Advanced Silver Golem. Added Advanced Sunstone